The 18 most profitable cryptocurrencies to invest in 2023

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The most profitable cryptocurrencies are the best crypto to invest in. The cryptocurrency market has grown shockingly in recent years. While this can be a benefit, as there is more supply available, it also confuses many investors who do not know which are the most profitable cryptocurrencies to invest in 2023.

Not all cryptocurrencies are profitable, safe and have potential, so if you filter, the list gets shorter and shorter. Below, you can see a brief compilation of the most profitable cryptocurrencies to invest in 2023.

Table of Contents

List of the 19 most profitable cryptocurrencies to invest in right now

  • Love Hate Inu – The best memecoin pre-sale to invest in 2023
  • FightOut– The best cryptocurrency to invest in 2023.
  • Metropoly – New urban utilities blockchain project with a lot of potential.
  • C+Charge: Green cryptocurrency to power a more sustainable payment network
  • Swords of Blood – Crypto action role-playing game with NFT now on presale.
  • RobotEra: Participate in creating a new world from November 2022.
  • Securedverse – FPS-style FPS with P2E and a lot of future potential.
  • Tamadoge: The best meme coin is here.
  • Battle Infinity: The multiverse within the metaverse.
  • Lucky Block: The digital sweepstakes where everyone can win.
  • DeFi Coin: A new competitor in decentralized finance.
  • Binance Coin: The world’s largest crypto exchange.
  • Ethereum: The queen of smart contracts.
  • Tron: investing in decentralized communities.
  • Jewel: A revolutionary video game.
  • Solana: The basis of many decentralized applications.
  • Polygon: One of the most powerful blockchains today.
  • Monero: Maximum privacy comes to the market.
  • Litecoin: The brother of bitcoin.

Investment in cryptoassets is unregulated, may not be suitable for retail investors and the entire amount invested may be lost

Most profitable cryptocurrencies to invest now: analysis

More details on the most profitable cryptocurrencies to invest now:

Love Hate Inu – The best memecoin pre-sale to invest in 2023

Love Hate Inu is an innovative cryptocurrency presale that rewards users for voting in meme polls. To participate in the platform’s polls, users can stake the platform’s native token, $LHINU.

Love Hate Inu: new pre-sale memecoin to surpass Shiba Inu in 2023

Its first pre-sale stage has already caused a stir in the crypto community, as the project has raised more than $250,000 within hours of its launch. The current price of a $LHINU token is $0.000085 during the first presale stage. But it will increase over the next eight stages, which will take place over 60 days.

The presale is expected to end with a 70.5% increase in token price to $0.000145. Users can purchase $LHINU tokens with Ether, USDT or fiat currency credit cards on its presale website.

Love Hate Inu allows users to participate in exciting voting. You can vote and debate on politics, entertainment and social issues. In addition, you can earn valuable tokens for your participation. The platform is user-driven and offers an anonymous and secure Ethereum-based voting system.

This vote-to-win project has gained followers on social media due to its real-world utility, such as polls on social issues. The ongoing pre-sale of the project could follow in the footsteps of other memes such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Tamadoge. All votes are managed through the platform’s user interface, vote submission and management panel, and platform revenue can be returned to the community through polls.

In addition, by offering 90% of the total 100 billion tokens, Love Hate Inu also aims to avoid rug-pulling by securing investors’ money. Only 10% (10 billion) of the tokens will be reserved for exchange listings, community incentives and liquidity. Interested investors can join Love Hate Inu’s Telegram channel for the latest news and updates.

Visit Love Hate Inu now

FightOut – The best cryptocurrency to invest in 2023

First on our list is one of the newest cryptocurrencies today. A pre-sale project that seeks to revolutionize the fitness niche through Blockchain technology and the development of the Metaverse. FightOut seeks to position itself as a crypto Move to Earn, whereby early investors and players will be able to earn rewards in cryptocurrencies.

Their Whitepaper allows us to analyze this project in depth, where we will see the developers’ long-term plans. FightOut aims to be a leading platform, with applications focused on encouraging participants to improve their lifestyle and participate in elite competitions.

Players will be able to access personalized plans, monitoring metrics that seek to closely track and evaluate physical health, as well as provide exercise routines by trained exercise professionals.

FightOut is focused on enhancing virtual world and Metaverse experiences. Each player will have their own avatar, access to specialized gyms and exclusive events for investors who bet on FightOut.

Within days of the launch of its $FGHT utility token, the project has managed to raise millions of dollars for its ICO. This has only drawn more attention from investors looking for pre-sale tokens, in this case without vesting, those with the potential to explode in value once they go public on major crypto exchanges.

Visita FightOut ahora

Metropoly – New urban utilities blockchain project with a lot of potential

When we talk about quality-rich projects backed by real-world utilities, Metropoly takes a place of honor. It is the world’s first NFT marketplace that allows you to exchange tokenized cryptoassets backed 100% by real real real estate properties.

With the platform, you can invest in a luxury villa in Rome and a beach house in Dubai and an apartment in Los Angeles at the same time for less than $1,000. This is possible because Metropoly tokenizes global real estate properties on NFT using blockchain technology. To make these assets available to retail investors, they are sold as fractional NFT for as little as $100.

As a result, you can diversify your real estate investment portfolio without banks, hidden fees or geographical limits. You earn monthly rental income and also benefit from long-term appreciation, just like a real property owner, without the headaches of paperwork, maintenance and finding new tenants.

In addition, the NFT marketplace allows these assets to be cashed in within minutes. That gives the project a big advantage over traditional real estate platforms, which can take months and years to change hands. The beta-phase marketplace is already up and running.

The best way to get in on the project is the METRO presale, which offers deep discounts in the early phases, raising close to $1 million in just a few days. With significant price increases between phases, the best time to buy tokens is sooner rather than later. There is also a raffle for an apartment in Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa building valued at USD 1 million.

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This project has partnered with ChainAdoption and Tenset to redouble its value proposition, following precedents such as Polkadot, Tron or EOS, as well as Everdome Coin.

C+Charge – Green cryptocurrency that will drive a more sustainable payment network.

C+Charge aims to build a robust Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payment system for EV charging stations built on Blockchain technology. Within its ecosystem the $CCHG real utility token will serve to underpin the entire C+Charge economy.

The project is characterized by innovating in terms of carbon credits by freeing up access to them and using them as rewards for electric car drivers who use its charging network. Every time an EV driver uses C+Charge to pay for a charge, they will be able to earn carbon credits. Users will also have access to individual wallets to charge at stations around the world.

C+Charge has the potential to be the standard platform across all fringes of the electric vehicle charging sector, with the goal of reducing average transaction latency and creating more efficient charging stations to support the expected growth in electric vehicle usage.

The pre-sale of the $CCHG token has already started and with a collection of half a million per day is poised to become one of the most lucrative of the year. It is certainly a good time to be part of its presale.

Access their official website and by connecting your MetaMask wallet or Trustwallet you will access the possibility to exchange bridge tokens such as USDT or ETH for $CCHG.

RobotEra – Participate in creating a new world as of November 2022


RobotEra aims to be a new robot-based metaverse and one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies this year. In this open world, players will be able to buy virtual land that will allow them to build a world. Best of all, this new world will give them infinite possibilities, as detailed in the project’s briefing document. Its token, TARO, is based on the ERC-20 system, known to be secure and reliable and, above all, innovative.

In total, there is no less than a collection of 10,000 NFT available to players. And that’s not all. Players will be able to explore 7 different planets, each with a unique and explorable universe. In short, RobotEra does everything you would expect from a metaverse game in 2022. Not surprisingly, the project draws inspiration from games like Decentraland and Sandbox, which have already made their mark in the metaverse.

It should also be noted that RobotEra is a community game with a DAO. Each TARO token holder will be able to vote on future changes to the game. This is a good sign for the future development of the project, as DAOs are always well received by the public.

In addition, players will also be able to mine NFT, trade with other players, navigate a vast world, and earn money. The project has a total supply of 1.8 billion tokens, with 5% allocated for presale. The TARO token can currently be purchased for $0.020 in the first phase of the presale. For more information, join the RobotEra Telegram group.

Securedverse – FPS-like crypto game with P2E and a lot of future potential

Securedverse, with its native token SVC, is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game project in the first-person shooter (FPS) genre. The idea is conceived as a battle royale from that point of view and in a world of futuristic and cyberpunk scenarios.

Driven by a team with the experience of Portsea Games, a developer with a lot of experience in virtual reality worlds, Securedverse proposes a battle game where only one can remain. The key to the project is that those who are good at playing and fighting will be able to earn tokens as a reward for their skills, their leveling up and the place they occupy on the ladder. There will be a ranking by which players will be ranked according to their performance on the battlefield.

In the future, there will be a staking system and other ways to earn rewards in a less competitive manner. The launch of these features will take place at a later date, as well as the inclusion of virtual reality functions.

Right now, SVC is on presale, at its lowest price ever. As time goes by, it will rise in value, until it gets closer to its exchange launch. Investors who want to get in on the project and support its development should consider it now.

In the game’s roadmap, there are new mappings, additional heroes to the initial four, game modes and much more. We also have new UI improvements and sporadic events such as tournaments or lightning rounds. With a market quite saturated with P2E games, it is interesting to see a first-person game proposal that offers staking as a way to earn rewards.

Buy Securedverse today

Meta Master Guild: The most profitable cryptocurrency to invest in 2023

Meta Master Guild is the most profitable cryptocurrency at the moment to invest in, especially since it has just launched its token presale, for 35% of the total supply, in 7 phases. The price of the token is now its historical low, at only 0.007 USDT per token, but will increase depending on the progress of the presale phases.

This platform aims to become the first Web3 Play-to-Earn gaming community for mobile devices. If you are interested in this project, check out our guide on how to buy Meta Masters Guild.

Exciting titles that will bring the play-to-earn crypto project

From collaborations with top-tier developers, Meta Masters Guild is on a mission to have several decentralized games on the Ethereum blockchain, each with its own features and with the MEMAG token at the core.

The token, which is of utility and governance, allows Staking to earn rewards, as well as being exchangeable for in-game rewards ($GEM). In the game there will be elements that will be coined as NFTs within the metaverse posed by the MEMAG project.

The presale has already raised more than $300,000 in a few days, and with a low market capitalization ($5 million), its appreciation potential as an investment asset is very high. Therefore, it becomes one of the most profitable.

Buy Meta Masters Guild today

Tamadoge – The best meme coin is already here

tamadoge meme coin

Tamadoge aims to become the best meme coin to date by combining the potential of meme coins with the play-to-win use case. Tamadoge finished the pre-sale after 8 weeks in which it raised a total of $19 million.

TAMA’s price, which started at $0.01 per unit, ended at $0.03 when the presale ended. As of now it can be purchased on the popular OKX exchange.

Tamadoge aims to add more utility than other meme currencies, which have mass appeal and perform well in bull markets, but then tend to correct for long periods of time with little incentive to hold them.

tamadoge project roadmap

Tamadoge players will earn TAMA rewards by fighting for leaderboard positions each month and will be able to mint and trade their Doge NFT pets. A similar concept to CryptoKitties and the Tamagotchi toy.

Building a metaverse is also on the roadmap with augmented reality, in addition to the launch of a Tamadoge battle mobile app. Reportedly, players will also be able to earn rewards for activities that nurture their pets, such as walking their doge.

Unlike Dogecoin, TAMA does not have an infinite supply and is not deflationary (Dogecoin started with a supply of 100 billion and currently has a supply of over 132 billion). TAMA’s maximum supply is also lower at 2 billion.

After the pre-sale is over, you can get TAMA at OKX.

For those who cannot register on the OKX exchange due to regional restrictions, TAMA is also available for purchase on the OKX DEX.

Buy Tamadoge

Battle Infinity – El multiverso dentro del metaverso

logotipo Battle Infinity

Do you know Axie Infinity, have you ever heard of The Sandbox? If the answer is yes, read on. If the answer is no, get ready to discover something amazing.

The blockchain universe has evolved by leaps and bounds, one of the niches with the greatest projection has been that of NFT games, which allow the user not only a source of entertainment but also a form of investment. Within this ecosystem, Battle Infinity is the promise that the entire sector was waiting for.

Combining the best of the NFT, the possibility of playing Play-To-Earn (P2E) games and the Metaverse, Battle Infinity is presented as an interesting project where we will be able to link the evolution of the platform’s characters to real characters, especially athletes.

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In addition to the above, the idea of Battle Infinity is to work with clear and transparent rewards to stand out from what has happened in other competing proposals. Thus, for example, we will also have our own exchange within the web that will allow us to exchange the IBAT token for other cryptocurrencies.

In this way, the rewards that we obtain can be converted into real money that we can use at our discretion.

Buy Battle Infinity

Lucky Block – The digital sweepstakes where everyone can win

Briefly described, Lucky Block is a crypto-gaming platform created based on blockchain technology to make it more secure, efficient and profitable than the conventional sweepstakes of all life.

Technically, Lucky Block is a decentralized application (DApp) that allows you to play the lottery using cryptocurrencies.

Lucky Block’s goal is to enable Internet users to play the lottery in a more transparent, faster and modern way.

Lucky Block is based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the blockchain of the world’s leading exchange. In addition, there is also the Lucky Block token that can be purchased like any other cryptocurrency.

Investing in Lucky Block is interesting because Lucky Block’s profit distribution is not only focused on the winner, but also on social purposes.

70% of the total fund will go to the winner of the jackpot. Another 10% will go to Lucky Block token holders for rewards. Another 10% will fund the entire Lucky Block project. The last 10% will be donated to charity.

As you can see, buying Lucky Block serves many purposes, not only to accumulate money for the Lucky Block jackpot winner.

lucky block

On the other hand, Lucky Block tokens are structured so that a portion of them will be “burned” on a regular basis. Since there will be a 12% transaction fee when a LBLOCK holder sells their tokens, a total of 1% of the fee amount will be burned and removed.

Ultimately, this reduces the total supply of LBLOCK over time, making the remaining tokens scarcer. According to the laws of supply and demand, this will inevitably drive up the price of Lucky Block (assuming demand stays the same or increases).

Buy Lucky Block

DeFi Coin – A new competitor in decentralized finance

deficoin logo

Today, DeFi Coin is the best cryptocurrency in the DeFi sector to invest in. As its name suggests, this asset is closely linked to the field of decentralized finance and corresponds to the decentralized exchange DeFi Swap.

In addition to having an interesting project behind it, DeFi Coin is an attractive cryptocurrency because it allows to obtain “static rewards” periodically.

These profits arise from a 10% tax that is applied every time someone buys or sells DeFi Coin. Of the total, 5o% is distributed among the token holders, becoming a kind of dividend.

In turn, 50% is placed back into the DeFi Swap liquidity funds, which helps to further increase liquidity, generating a virtuous circle that benefits the entire ecosystem.

For the next few years and towards 2025, DeFi Coin would reach a price of USD 1.40 and would be close to the launch values. In this case, the reason would be the growth of DeFi Swap and its arrival on the podium of the best decentralized exchanges.

DEFI header

The DeFi Swap team is not only aiming to launch a mobile app for Android and iOS that allows investors to trade conveniently and easily, but also has plans to enter the NFT asset space.

Those wishing to invest in NFTs will be able to do so through the DeFi Swap ecosystem, as the development team aims to create a section for buying and selling these digital assets. NFTs will be denominated in DeFi Coin, providing another compelling use case for the currency.

The DeFi Swap team also plans to offer a second version (V2) soon, which will add technical analysis options, webinars, news and more. After that, V3 will be released, integrating crypto signals, forums, interactive charts, real-time market data and podcasts into the ecosystem.

Buy DeFi Coin

Binance Coin – The world’s largest crypto exchange

Another of today’s most profitable cryptocurrencies is the famous BNB, owned and developed by Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

BNB is one of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization today and one of the most functional, as it can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies on the Binance platform itself, as well as staking and earning extra profit.

Buy Binance Coin

Ethereum – The Queen of Smart Contracts

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and blockchain in history, but Ethereum was, and still is, the most functional. Being tied to a technology project that came to change the world, the Ethereum token has the potential to grow impactfully in the future.

The main attraction of Ethereum is that it is used to develop and execute smart contracts, the basis for the entire ecosystem and new brokerless lending platforms.

In addition, Ethereum 2.0, the next version of the blockchain, is expected to make it more efficient and cost-effective, which would further boost its growth and popularity, benefiting the token.

Buy Ethereum

Tron – Investing in decentralized communities

Tron is a curious blockchain platform that focuses on exchanging free and decentralized user-generated content. Its cryptocurrency Tronix, although also called simply Tron, is one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies of the moment and probably of the future.

Initially, Tron’s CEO created the platform so that people can enjoy content without the need for a central counterpart as is currently the case.

Buy Tron

Jewel (DeFi Kingdoms) – A revolutionary video game

DeFi Kingdoms is a kind of all-in-one blockchain ecosystem, as it is an application that acts as a decentralized exchange, NFT marketplace and play to earn video game.

Although it has “old” graphics, players love it because it reminds them of the early days of video games, which helps create a very appealing retro atmosphere.

Its token, Jewel, is one of the most profitable tokens today because it is projected to grow at the same rate as the video game.

Buy Jewel

Solana – The basis for many decentralized applications

Solana, along with other altcoins, is known as an “Ethereum killer,” as many market commentators believe Solana could one day overtake Ethereum as the leading smart contract cryptocurrency platform.

It is projected that it may be a good investment because Solana’s blockchain is significantly more efficient in terms of speed, scalability and fees.

For example, in its current form, Ethereum can only facilitate an average of 16 transactions per second. By comparison, Solana’s blockchain can handle more than 65,000 transactions per second. It is also much cheaper.

Buy Solana

Polygon – One of today’s most powerful blockchains

Polygon or Matic is a protocol and framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Created a few years ago, the initiative seeks to revolutionize the entire financial and technological environment.

Currently, its token is one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies because it encompasses all the potential of the Polygon protocol that gave it life. Just as Ethereum would grow because of the advancement of the blockchain, Polygon or Matic would also expand hand in hand with the base project.

Buy Polygon

Monero – Maximum privacy comes to market

For those who don’t know, Monero is an open source cryptocurrency developed more than seven years ago and is focused on prioritizing privacy and decentralization.

That said, Monero is one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies of the moment as it seeks to improve on previous asset designs by hiding the identity of issuers and receivers and transaction amounts.

Like many other cryptocurrencies in the sector, Monero is known simply by its name, this is due to the large community and support it has both in social networks and in other areas of the internet.

Buy Monero

Litecoin – The brother of bitcoin

Litecoin cryptocurrency, also known as “bitcoin’s brother”, is a cryptocurrency developed practically as a copy of the world’s first and most famous cryptocurrency.

Thus, Litecoin was created as an alternative to bitcoin but for small transfers. Each litecoin is divided into 100 million smaller units, defined by eight decimal places.

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In the medium and long term, litecoin has great growth potential as one of the “original cryptos”, i.e. those that came to the market and marked a before and after because they belong to a “first generation” of cryptos.

Buy Litecoin

How we have chosen the most profitable cryptocurrencies

Choosing the most profitable cryptocurrencies in a bear market period is not easy. That is why in the following sections we will explain what we have taken into account to do so.

The project and roadmap

The most important factor in finding profitable cryptocurrencies is to look at the project and its roadmap objectives.

For example, when Bitcoin was created in 2009, it became the world’s first decentralized payment system based on blockchain technology. Since then, millions of people around the world have made at least one transaction with Bitcoin. No wonder the digital asset has surpassed a market capitalization of $1 trillion.

Another example is Battle Infinity. Its project concept is clear: it wants to build a decentralized ecosystem that incorporates NFT games, the metaverse and cryptocurrency rewards.

Apart from the project itself, it is important to look at the objectives of the roadmap. Will they be able to achieve them? Are they too difficult to achieve? Have they achieved some of them? These and other questions are the ones you should ask yourself when looking for the most profitable cryptocurrencies.

Focusing on sound projects that are undervalued

Another of the most effective ways to find profitable cryptocurrencies is to look for solid projects that have suffered a huge drop in price.

For example, Ethereum was trading at nearly $5,000 before the downtrend began. Although prices have recovered slightly, Ethereum hit lows of less than $1,000 in the first half of 2022. That means those who bought Ethereum at that price could be looking at a roughly 400% upside if the token regains its previous highs.

Number of token holders

criptomonedas más rentables

An effective way to find more profitable cryptocurrencies to invest in is to assess how many holders the token has. This simply means the number of individual wallets that hold the token in question.

For example, Shiba Inu has 1 million holders of its tokens. That’s good because the larger the community of a project, the greater its exposure in the community.

If a cryptocurrency has a large market capitalization, but only a small number of holders, it means that these are in the hands of the team or a group of cryptocurrency whales. It is always recommended to avoid such projects.

Previous bear markets

Established projects such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum have gone through several bear markets to date. Each has since recovered their bear market losses and made new all-time highs afterwards. In other words, there’s a good chance that will happen again when they recover from the current bear market.

When is the best time to buy the most profitable cryptocurrencies?

Once you find profitable cryptocurrencies, you do not always have to invest in them instantly, but there are some periods in time that are better than others. In the next sections we will show you what they are.

In the pre-sale

One of the best times to buy profitable cryptocurrencies is during their presale. For those who don’t know, presales allow newly launched cryptocurrency projects to raise capital from investors. In exchange for offering capital while the project is still young, presale prices are usually cheaper.

For example, Ethereum’s presale campaign in 2014 priced ETH at just $0.30 for early investors. Once Ethereum started trading, its price skyrocketed, so those who invested in the presale made huge profits.

Investing in the token right after it is listed on an exchange

It is normal not to be able to keep up with the pre-sales because there are many that happen at the same time. In addition, presales are limited to a number of tokens that can be sold. Once you have missed the opportunity to buy them in presales, you can still get them at a good price just when they start trading on exchanges.

For example, Battle Infinity’s presale sold out of its available tokens in just 24 days, so buyers had to wait for it to appear on PancakeSwap on August 17. The same thing happened with Tamadoge and its subsequent listing on OKX.

More importantly, however, those who miss the presale can still get a good price if they buy the token right when it launches on an Exchange. If the presale goes well, there is a good chance that the value of the token will increase once it hits the public market. Lucky Block, for example, went from a presale price of $0.00015 to over $0.009 by listing on Pancakeswap. It achieved that in just a few weeks.

In the bear market

One of the best times to buy cryptocurrencies is during a prolonged bear market.

Some of the most profitable cryptocurrencies have seen their price drop 70% during the current bear market. Shiba Inu and Decentraland, for example, have since traded 85% lower when compared to their previous all-time highs.

More importantly, even the most solid projects with strong fundamentals have seen the value of their token plummet.

This is not the fault of any particular project. Rather, bear markets, like stocks, bring down virtually all cryptocurrencies.

From an investment perspective, this offers a great opportunity to build a portfolio of high-grade cryptocurrencies at an attractive entry price that at other times cannot be achieved.

In market corrections

Market corrections are different from bear cycles, as they are generally shorter. A market correction usually occurs when a cryptocurrency has seen its token rise for a long time, so investors have started selling to collect their profits. But, since the drop is only temporary, the cryptocurrency will most likely regain positions in a short time.

For example, in September 2021, after enjoying a prolonged uptrend, Bitcoin went from $51,000 to $41,000 in the space of a few weeks. This represents a market correction of almost 20%.

However, after the correction was confirmed, Bitcoin went from $41,000 to $68,000, which was a new all-time high. This means that those who bought during the correction made gains of more than 65%.

How to buy the most profitable cryptocurrencies

Here’s how you can buy one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies available right now: FightOut.

Step 1 – Create a cryptocurrency portfolio

Before purchasing $FGHT, you must create a cryptocurrency wallet that is compatible with the pre-sale platform. Wallet Connect and MetaMask are two popular wallet options that can be used to access FightOut’s presale platform.

Step 2 – Buy ETH/USDT

You can buy $FGHT with ERC-20 tokens such as Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT). Buy one of these tokens on an exchange and transfer them to your cryptocurrency wallet. On the other hand, you can also buy these tokens on the FightOut website through Transak.

Step 3 – Access the pre-sale platform

After buying ETH/USDT, visit the FightOut website to connect your wallet to the pre-sale platform. Click on “Connect wallet” and choose between MetaMask or Wallet Connect.

Step 4 – Buy token D2T

Select “Buy with ETH/USDT” depending on the asset you have in your portfolio. Enter how many $FGHT tokens you want to buy with no minimums. Then select “Convert” to complete the process. Once the presale ends you will be able to claim your tokens on the same webpage.

Visit FightOut now


As could be seen, there are currently many cryptocurrencies that can be profitable in the future, and that were profitable in the past. Now the most profitable cryptocurrency is Love Hate Inu. A crypto Vote to Earn project that bets on incentivizing decentralized online surveys. Take the opportunity and do not miss one of the best crypto you can buy and that is currently in presale.

Love Hate Inu – La primera memecoin Vote-To-Earn Web3


  • Vote on current issues and earn $LHINU tokens.
  • First Vote-To-Earn Web3 platform.
  • Secure, reliable and anonymous voting.
  • Rug Pull Proof – 90% of the tokens available for pre-sale.
  • Accumulates voting power with $LHINU token staking.


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