The 9 best Crypto affiliate programs in 2023

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According to the very serious site Statista, the crypto market has exceeded $3 trillion by the end of 2021. Whether in payment services, casino, trading or NFTs, virtual currency is everywhere!It is therefore normal to monetize your site with crypto affiliation. Many players have appeared on the market lately, but it is not necessarily easy to find your way around.

That’s why we have prepared this comparison of the best crypto affiliate programs for you. With it, you will be able to see more clearly and start generating your first euros right away.

And yes, that’s how we are at the Makers! So get a notebook and a pen ready to take notes… Let’s go! 👍

Affiliation on crypto exchange platforms

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about crypto is obviously the exchange platforms. They allow you to buy, sell or exchange your cryptos for euros.

What to monetize its website specialized in investment!

1) Binance: The leader in trading platforms


Binance allows its customers to exchange euros for over 600 different cryptocurrencies. More than $76 billion is traded daily on this platform for about 90 million customers.

It also has its own currency, the BnB. It’s hard to do better in terms of reputation and trust!


Binance has succeeded in establishing itself as the reference platform for physical and virtual currency exchanges.

The clients you send there will come back often to fund their accounts which is a good thing to have recurring commissions.


To be precise, it is possible to earn 40% commission on all trades made by your affiliates, and this commission increases to 50% when you have referred 1000 people.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the criteria for promoting Binance are strict. You will be tested for 90 days. At the end of this period, you will have to have sponsored 50 people and 10% of them will have made at least one transaction.

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If you don’t, you will be removed from the program!

The advantages

✅ The high commission rate and the recurring aspect

✅ Company established for years and which gives confidence

✅ An increasing number of crypto available

Les inconvénients

❌ The criteria to promote Binance are strict

2) Coinbase: the exchange platform active since 2012


Coinbase was launched in 2012 with a mission to make buying bitcoin simple and accessible to everyone.

Today, it has more than 89 million customers worldwide and is present in more than 100 different countries. It is a trusted player in the exchange market.

Discover the Coinbase affiliate program

  • Commission: 50% of the trade fee
  • Revenue share : only over 3 months
  • Cookie duration: system per registration


Coinbase is aimed at both individuals and professionals to buy virtual currency. What to increase the chances of conversion.


commission affiliation coinbase

You will get 50% commissions on the trades made by your affiliates for 3 months. However, you will not get anything beyond that.

The advantages

✅ Trusted player in the market

✅ Also for professionals

✅ Attractive commission rate

The disadvantages

❌ No recurrence possible beyond 3 months

3) : the platform offering a bank card

interface cryptocom


In addition to offering more than 250 different cryptos for purchase, allows its customers to have a card to pay for their purchases directly in virtual currency.

The big plus is that customers get a unique 8% cashback on the market. 

Discover the affiliate program

  • Commission: 50% of trading fees + bonus
  • Revenue share: only over 12 months
  • Cookie duration: system per registration

Specialty wants to compete directly with traditional banks by offering an exchange platform in addition to a bank account with a card.


Note that you will be able to earn 50% of the trade fees on all your affiliates for a period of 12 months after they sign up.

But you will also receive a bonus depending on the amount credited to their account at the opening:

The advantages

✅ The remuneration is interesting with the 50% trade fee + the bonus

✅ Many investors are interested in having a bank card

✅ Cashback on CB purchases helps convert prospects

The disadvantages

❌ It would be great to have a recurring income for life

Affiliation on crypto trading platforms

Some platforms have chosen to distinguish themselves from the others by adopting numerous trading-oriented features. So you don’t have to be considered only as a trading platform!

4) BitPanda: the trading platform accessible to all


Bitpanda was founded in Vienna in 2014 to make investing simpler and more accessible. Today, the company employs over 1,000 employees and has 3 million users.

It should be noted that Bitpanda goes beyond virtual currency since it is also possible to invest in shares or precious metals for example.

Discover the Bitpanda affiliate program

  • Commission: up to 20%.
  • Revenue share: yes
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
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The specialty of this platform is that it deals with cryptos as well as stocks or precious metals. What to centralize all its investments in the same place for less headaches.


The remuneration can reach up to 20% of your affiliates’ trade fees. This is defined according to levels that are not made public unfortunately.

The duration of the cookies is 30 days which is very interesting to make sure to get a commission even if the prospect takes some time to think about it before signing up.

The advantages

✅ Multi-investment platform

✅ The duration of the cookies is long which is a good thing

The disadvantages

❌ We would have liked more transparency on the steps to reach 20%.

5) BitMex: for maximum security

interface bitmex


This platform is more recent since it exists since 2016. In particular, it offers the purchase and conversion of some crypto without fees which is a big plus compared to the industry.

In addition, a big marketing effort is made to reassure potential investors that Bitmex is very secure.

Discover the Bitmex Affiliate Program

  • Commission: up to 20% of trading fees
  • Revenue share: yes
  • Cookie duration: 30 days


Bitmex wants to be part of the moving trend related to this innovative field. Therefore, many evolutions are made over time to improve the platform.



The commission can go up to 20% depending on the amount of the affiliate’s trade. The big plus is that these commissions are for life throughout the existence of the account which is perfect for generating income over the long term.

The duration of the cookies is 30 days which is also a good thing.

The advantages

✅ Long-term recurring revenues

✅ The safety aspect put forward may convince the most reluctant

The disadvantages

Affiliation on crypto financing platforms

Some platforms allow you to rent your cryptos in exchange for a fee. What to increase the profitability of its investments!

6) BlockFi: the ability to lend or borrow cryptos



BlockFi brings a very interesting innovation to the cryptocurrency market: the ability to rent or borrow virtual currency.

This still very rare positioning will suit investors who wish to get interest on their virtual currency or simply to make a loan which is not possible with the current banks.

Discover the BlockFi affiliate program

  • Commission: up to $500 for a loan, 0.5% for the amount deposited in the account and $75 for an affiliate taking a credit card
  • Revenue share : no
  • Cookie duration: system per registration


The ability to rent or borrow cryptos.


It all depends on the benefits that your member subscribes to.

For a loan :

  • from 5000 to 10000$, the commission is 20
  • from 10001 to 50000$, the commission is 100$.
  • over $500,01, the commission is $500

For cash deposits:

  • de 100 à 5000$, la commission est de 25$
  • over $5001, the commission is 0.5% of the amount deposited
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For the subscription to the bank card :

  • the commission is $75.

The advantages

✅ Many services that can be commissioned

✅ A very interesting commission rate

Affiliation on crypto payment services

We all know PayPal or Stripe which are payment services in classic currency. There are now services oriented towards payment in crypto!

7) Nowpayments: collecting customers in crypto



Some web entrepreneurs prefer to cash their customers in virtual currency rather than in euros. This is the need that Nowpayments wants to fill with its offer.

Over 100 different currencies are available to suit everyone.

Discover the NowPayments Affiliate Program

  • Commission: up to 0.25% of the transaction
  • Revenue share: up to 5 years
  • Cookie duration: system per registration


Collecting customers in crypto to credit the beneficiary account in real time.


Compensation is subject to the amount of the transaction:

commission affiliation nowpayments

Note that you can earn these commissions up to 5 years after your affiliate signs up.

The advantages

✅ Meets a specific need

✅ The commission rate is interesting and is available for 5 years

Affiliate on crypto trading robots

Some people want to invest in cryptos without having to worry about it. For this, a trading robot may be suitable for them since it will do everything for them.

8) HaasOnline: the automated trading robot



In addition to being a trading robot, HaasOnline can also help its clients by displaying many useful indicators for trading.

It is compatible with most trading platforms for more efficiency.

>>>Learn more about the HaasOnline Affiliate Program<<<

  • Commission: from 10 to 25% depending on your number of affiliates
  • Revenue share: yes
  • Cookie duration: 30 days


The possibility to benefit from a real automated trading assistant.


commission affiliation haasonline

The compensation depends on the number of affiliates you have referred:

  • from 0 to 5 : the commission is 10%.
  • from 6 to 10 : the commission increases to 15%.
  • from 11 to 20 : the commission increases to 20%.
  • and finally beyond 20, the commission is 25%.

The advantages

✅ The tiered commission is interesting

✅ The duration of the cookie allows the visitor to reflect without being penalized

Affiliation on crypto wallets

Buying virtual currency is good, but protecting it is even better. This need is easily met with keys to secure your investments.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed this comparison of the best crypto affiliate programs!

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